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Savage Club Lodge 2190

The Savage Club Lodge number 2190 was founded in January 1887 as an affiliated Lodge to the Savage Club.

The Lodge has had many distinguished members, including one of its founders and first treasurer, the actor Sir Henry Irving. Other members have included William Sydney Penley, Edward Terry, Mark Hambourg, Malcolm McEachern (Jetsam from the duo Flotsam & Jetsam), Augustus Harris and, more recently, Sir Adrian Beecham and Arnold Ridley, the actor and playwright, best known for his portrayal of Godfrey in the television series Dad's Army.

Although there is no longer any formal connection between the Club and the Lodge, members and their guests still enjoy traditional Savage bonhomie at the Club's premises in Whitehall following the quarterly Lodge meetings in Covent Garden.

Membership of the Lodge has never been restricted to members of the Club, though members tend to be connected professionally with Literature, Art, Drama, Music, Science or Law, following Club tradition.

To enquire about membership or about visiting the Lodge, or if you have any archive material or ephemera that you think might be of interest to the Lodge, please send an email to the Secretary.

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Meeting Dates

The Lodge meets on the first Tuesday of February, May (installation), October and December. Meetings start at 4.00pm or 5.00pm depending on the work being undertaken. A Lodge of Instruction for Officers takes place at 7.00pm on the three Mondays before each Lodge meeting. The Lodge works Logic Ritual.

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Click here to buy the MP3 version of "This is the Truth", a CD of Christmas carols recorded for charity and sponsored by the Savage Club Lodge and Metropolitan Grand Lodge.